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Offering nordic speciality foods since 2015


Nordic Food Export makes it easy to import tasty, healthy, and traditional Nordic gourmet food of high quality. We ensure effective distribution  and correct packaging and decelarition of the products. 

Join our NFE group and conribute to raise awareness and ensure access of high quality Nordic gourmet food and traditions to foreign markets.

What can we offer? 

• Promote sales of your products  
• Display and present your products on exhibitions, events and meetings
• Handle sales and marketing on all Nordic Food Exports platforms 
• Handle the dialouge with customers
• Guidance in product declaration and labeling 

Guidance in requirements of food exports to the United states - FDA and FSMA  
• Coordination of logistics (freight shipping) from Denmark to the customer  
• Ensurance of the transported goods  

How do you become a partner?  

Not one relationship is the same, and we want to make sure that we can get the best collaboration possible. Get in touch with us and we can have a noncommittal talk to ensure we do what is best for your business. 

We do not take a partnership lightly, we want to get an understadning of your brand and your story, so we can tell it the right way - together. 

Let´s do business

We will get in touch!

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