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-   ABOUT US  -

Nordic Food Export promote and export high quality food of Nordic origin to the food service and retail segment. All products are made with passion, often produced by smaller manufacturers – and they all have a great story to tell. The product range reflects Nordic food traditions, culinary craftsmanship and Nordic flavors by using pure Nordic ingredients.

Nordic Food Export’s product range ensure that all products are non-GMO and as often as possible organic. Therefore, the products all suit the organic, health– and quality-conscious consumer.

Nordic Food Export have partners across the Nordics who all share an unrelenting commitment to produce pure, simple, and clean food, produced  to a very high standard. These visionary partners promote our food culture that builds on the qualities of the regions. They are among the finest local producers of bread, flour and cheese, as well as chocolate, gummies, alcohol-free gin and smoked salmon.

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