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Meet our partners

They all have a special story to tell 
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Liquid Fruit Company

 Liquid Fruit Company is a Danish company that specializes in nectars and lemonades, consisting of one main ingredient - and never from concentrate. It is all about the pure taste.

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At Wholi Foods insects are the star ingredient. Their product range includes products like protein bars, cricket crispbread, chocolate squares and insect powder for cooking at home

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Lehnsgaard is an old oil mill on the Danish island Bornholm producing gourmet oils and artisan products. Their cold pressed rapeseed oil is of a particularly high quality, with a rounded flavour and golden colour

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Nordic Vinegar

Nordic vinegar are vinegars that burst with flavors and can help bring your cooking the perfect balance of acidity and sweetness. They are especially good for marinades, sauces and dressings.



Tebstrup cheeses are handmade goat cheeses of a high quality. The company was founded by Dorthe Tebstrup back in the eighties with milk from her own goats. It has since expanded and now local farmers supply goats’ milk to the organic and sustainable production.


Thise offers organic dairy products with respect for the ingredients and the nature. They go out of their way to ensure the dairy is of the highest quality possible and specializes in the different types of milk that compliments the dairy products the best.   



Herbie gin is an award-winning gin that offers an array of gins with different botanicals and are all full of character. It does not matter if you want it virgin or not, there is a gin for everyone



Nordisk produces a range of hand made products that all tell a story of the Nordic culture and history through ancient cooking methods, but all with a new modern twist.



Sønderhaven is a small Danish dairy production where the focus is on quality and the animal’s welfare. This gives the cheeses the best taste possible, and some exceptionally happy cows. They are not looking for a mass production of their cheeses, they want to have the time to talk and nurse the cows and handmake every product themselves.

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ISH Spirits

ISH Spirits is a mindful drinking company that makes alcohol-free products. ISH Spirits represents familiar flavor, natural ingredients and award-winning products.

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