hello, we are nfE

Nordic Food Export promotes and exports high quality food of Nordic origin to the food service and retail segments. All products are made with passion, often produced by smaller manufacturers – and they all have a great story to tell. The product range reflects Nordic food traditions and Nordic flavors by using pure Nordic ingredients. Nordic Food Export has partners across Scandinavia who all share a relentless commitment to produce pure, simple, and clean food, produced to a very high standard. They are among the finest local producers of cheese, chocolate and gummies as well as crispbread and wild berries.

Nordic Food Export is an export platform and a subsidiary company of the established Danish fine food importer Kalu A/S, a wholesaler who has been importing quality food from around the world since 1987

Our vision is to share the experience and taste of high quality
Nordic fine food. Artisan products made with passion respecting the Scandinavian traditions.

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